Monday, 25 July 2016

Servicing Checklist for Boiler Repair in Greenford

Are you looking for services for boiler repair in Greenford and have no idea what would the boiler repair engineer do during his visit? Here is a checklist that can help you understand the process and steps he would take. Know these and make sure that the engineer follows these all upon his visit for boiler repair & servicing.
The following checks have to be made during a boiler repair service:

Step 1 – Takes steps to protect your home:
Upon his visit, boiler repair engineer would first take preventive steps to keep your home protected. He would place protective sheet all across so as to maintain the cleanliness at your place. He would also wear shoe cover to protect your home during the service.

Step 2 – Conducts visual check:

During the annual service of boiler, the engineer for boiler repair in Greenford would first visually inspect the boiler, its pipework and installed flue both internally and externally. Once he inspects the condition, he would look at the general operation of the boiler and look if proper ventilation is carried out.

Step 3 – Inspecting safe working of boiler:

To inspect the components of the boiler, the servicing engineer will remove the casing of the boiler and check whether it is working efficiently & safely. While doing so, he would look at the following aspects:
  • Proper pressure and flow of gas
  • Analyze flue and combustion to make sure that the boiler is burning the right mix of gas and air.
  • Cleanliness & good condition of electrical connections
  • Efficient working of fans and other key components
  • Intactness of seals
  • Condition of electrodes
  • Check safety devices
  • Check that condensate trap and pipe is not blocked
If there is any problem in the working of boiler, the engineer would resolve it and would also do basic cleaning from inside.

Step 4 – Ensures safety checks:

To ensure extra safety and provide you with assured peace of mind, the boiler repair engineer will also conduct several safety checks in accordance with gas regulation (GSIUR 1998).

Step 5 - Reporting what they have done:

Once his repair & servicing tasks are completed, the engineer would provide you with the information about all the inspection details he has done. If the boiler requires major repair work, he would explain you about the exact situation and provide suggestions about the same.

For the entire inspection process of boiler repair servicing, it takes around 45 minutes to 60 minutes. Before he leaves, he would ask you to sign the copy of the report and mention your feedback about the services.

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